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29Mar What I’m Thinking About Now: Some Super-Quick Updates

Some things which I am finding interesting in the world of gaming, as of now: -I came across the game Nitronic Rush recently (  It’s a racing game with a very nice aesthetic and I hope to try it out tonight.  Also, it’s totally free, so why not download it?  Also free?  It’s entire 23-track […]

29Mar A more nuanced view on gaming difficulty

As you may be aware, this blog often touches on the topic of gaming difficulty and frustration, and the issue with difficulty being a roadblock that prevents the player from experiencing the whole of what a game has to offer.   However, I should probably clarify that sentiment.   When I talk about being able to explore […]

09Mar A quick alpha funding roundup

So, it’s been a while since I last checked in on the various alpha-funding projects I’ve mentioned before, and I wanted to do a quick roundup on how they’re doing, as well as some of the other new projects I’ve been looking into. -Minecraft, of course, has had its official release, with some fairly decent […]