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23Nov For your post-apocalyptic listening pleasure…

Christmas 1968 with The Going Thing I came across this recently and thought that it was oddly fitting for the type of music featured on Fallout 3’s Galaxy News Radio, especially the track The Christmas Waltz.  When I first heard it, I couldn’t help but conjure up images of walking the wastes in power armor, […]

06Nov How to Survive a Nuclear Apocalypse: A Review of Fallout 3 (and relevant comments on RPGs and open-world games)

When I first began playing Fallout 3, I couldn’t help but compare it to a similar game released some time ago: S.T.A.L.K.E.R, Shadow of Chernobyl.  After all, both games take place in an irradiated wasteland, both have strong RPG elements, and both have you running around a mostly open world completing quests and exploring the […]

06Nov Savepoint/Instakill Hell: How not to save a game (featuring Gears of War, Kane & Lynch, and others)

For quite some time, my friends have been encouraging me to play Gears of War, but seeing as how I only play on the PC (or my Nintendo DS), I never got a real chance to do a serious play-through of the single-player campaign.  Eventually, though, when it did arrive for the PC, I decided […]