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19Apr A few words on Tribes Ascend

If you’re looking to find out information on the newly released F2PMMOFPS that is Tribes:Ascend, about the worst place to go is their official site, which provides the sum total of a download link and a 46-second gameplay video.  However, the video is telling in a certain respect – an awful lot of projectiles are […]

19Apr A Valley Without Wind: Some Late Beta First Impressions

A while back, I wrote about A Valley Without Wind, the latest title from Arcen Games available as a preorder, in one of my alpha-funding roundups.  In that earlier entry, I was unsure about the game, which at the time felt pretty rudimentary (although, while re-reading that entry, I also appeared to be against the […]

07Apr Administrivia: Comment Captchas

Just a quick note that due to a significant influx in the number of spam posts, I have added a captcha to the comments section.  I’ve set it up so that it should generally be readable without too much effort – if you have issues with one of the captcha images, just hit the refresh […]