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16Aug Some additional thoughts (and anger) encompassing SFIV

Writing up the review of SFIV led me to examine a few additional thoughts I have regarding the game, and gaming in general. First, I think itís worth spending a bit of time defining exactly what I mean when I refer to games primarily as entertainment.† For me, games, like movies and television, serve primarily […]

16Aug Street Fighter IV: A game thatís about as enjoyable as getting kicked repeatedly in the face (which, unsurprisingly, seems to be the gameís main tactical option)

I apologize for the additional rancour and vitriol in this piece, but even after giving it time, this game is still bugging me. — While I play a fairly decent variety of video games, from casual games to shooters, RTS to racing, I will admit that there are a number of genres that I have […]

16Aug Interesting article on gaming frustration

From Ars Technica: Why we quit: the moments that push us away from gaming There are also a lot of good examples of issues with frustration in games in the user comments on the article as well.

12Aug Note to Capcom…

… if you have a setting that falls below even Very Easy, generally speaking, this means that a brain-damaged sack of rocks could fall over onto the keyboard and still win.  When someone who has at least a bit of skill at Street Fighter II can’t beat the final boss on kindergarten-level difficulty, chances are […]