Some things which I am finding interesting in the world of gaming, as of now:

-I came across the game Nitronic Rush recently (  It’s a racing game with a very nice aesthetic and I hope to try it out tonight.  Also, it’s totally free, so why not download it?  Also free?  It’s entire 23-track soundtrack, which I have listened to, and it’s quite respectable techno.

-Also, found on a linked page to the first one: Solace (  From the site, it’s “an interactive aesthetic experience utilizing dynamic audio and bullet hell overtones to provide a unique perspective on the five stages of grief.”  Dunno quite how that translates into actual gameplay yet, but it sounds kinda interesting.  Also free.

-There’s a kickstarter-esque campaign going on for an interesting project called CraftStudio (  It’s a sort of Minecraft-esque tool that allows you to visually assemble your own games from scratch.  This is something that should definitely happen, and I’m glad to seed that they’re already over halfway to their funding goal.  I’m definitely planning to contribute – $20 gets you the CraftStudio program and a full-length game created in the engine by the development team.

-“On the Rain-Slick Precipice of Darkness,” one of the few good turn-based RPG games I’ve played (or even seen) recently for the PC, is on sale on Steam today – you get both episodes for the almost-free price of $1.50 each.  At that price, if you like JRPG-style game mechanics, it’s more than worth it (at the time of this writing, the deal was still good for roughly 16 hours).