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29May The Unlockables: Burnout Paradise and Issues Regarding Unlockable Games

Ah, the racing game: one of those gaming genres where my enthusiasm for the sport is often inversely proportional to my actual skill level.  While, admittedly, my skill in most racing games is at least somewhat more proficient than my usually abysmal technique in RTS games, this slight advantage is usually undone by the fact […]

21May Fallout 3: Broken Steel, does it fix it?

For those who have yet to complete Fallout 3’s main campaign, there are spoilers below. Yes, I know, another Fallout 3 update, but a fairly pertinent one.  I’ll keep it brief – while Broken Steel manages to break quite a number of things (including a CTD on saving your game if you have any location-modifying […]

21May Difficulty and Demos: Why I Didn’t Buy Zeno Clash

One thing about a down economy and less stable employment is that those affected tend to buy less entertainment, including games.  One of the effects that I have personally noticed, in regards to that, is a renewed reticence to buy games on a whim.  In better times, with more discretionary income to throw around, I […]