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18Apr Daydreaming: what would make an ideal game?

A while back, RPS had a thread where members of the community could describe their vision of an ideal game (  This, interestingly enough, was already on my radar, as I’ve had a few ideas kicking around in a text file on this very subject.  Of course, given the wide variety of game that I […]

18Apr Steam might update for Mac… or it might not

Update 5/31/12:  It’s over a year since I posted this originally, and I’m still seeing comments coming in that this is still a problem.  Not very encouraging… Because people are still having problems with this, below I’m going to copy the comment from the Steam forums talking about how to deal with this, so you […]

11Apr Fallout New Vegas: A World of Mods (Part 1: Guns, Guns, Guns)

As I mentioned in my earlier post on Fallout: New Vegas, one of the the most important features for me was the game’s comprehensive and fairly easy-to-use modding tools.  Like other games before it in the same engine, the ease of modding has resulted in communities that release truly amazing mods that change a wide […]